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  • Heating

    There are three basic types of heating utilized in the Texas region. The tree main types of heat are gas, electric and heat pump.

    The most common is a gas furnace. These heaters typically run off of natural gas or LP (propane). Now days, the AFUE or efficiency rating range from 80% to 96%. An efficiency rating of 80% means that of every 80 cents of every dollar spent goes to heating your home or business. The other 20 cents in fuel energy is exhausted to the outdoors. 

    The second most common type of heat found in our region is electric. This form of heater uses electricity through coiled wire heat strips. These heaters are 100% efficient because all the heat created by the electric heat strips is transferred in the home. While they are the only 100% efficient source of heat, they are not the most cost effective. Electric heat strips cost more to operate than gas furnaces and heat pumps.

    Heat pumps are common in areas where temperatures get low in the winter and there is no source of fuel. Typically these systems are about 40% more cost effective to run than electric heaters. The outdoor unit (condenser) is used to both cool and heat your home by reversing the refrigerant cycle. These systems typically have more upfront installation cost than electric heaters, but save money spent on utilities. 

    We offer a full line of heaters to keep you and your family warm all winter long. Make Davis Mechanical Contractors your one and only call for all your heating repair and replacement needs! 

  • 96% AFUE Gas Furnace

    If your looking the get the most out of your dollar, a fuel efficient furnace is a smart choice. These furnaces maintain warm temperatures during the winter months without breaking the bank! 

  • Air Handler

    Our air handlers come in many sizes, efficiencies and configurations. 

  • Heat Pump

    Need a new heat pump? We have many options to choose from.